About us

Hoarding Rescue was born with a mission on mind:

Create awareness of Hoarding Disorder and Chronic Disorganization as real medical and behavioral conditions, no character flaws; and to help people to recover and live organized, healthy and fulfilling lives by empowering them trough knowledge and removing barriers.

We want to dispel the stigma. In a society where people are quick to judge by appearances and mental health is still taboo, we aim to provide a professional, empathic and caring holistic allied health service. Our focus is in the person, not in the "stuff".

Science has proven that our environment affects our health.
Living in hoarded, squalid or disorganized homes impacts negatively on our well-being causing physical difficulties, causing anxiety and worsening depression.
Yet, many people face difficulties getting on top of household tasks, and all of that without mentioning the added barrier that disabilities can add to housekeeping. But we are here to help!

Our team has been specially trained in Hoarding Behaviour and Chronic Disorganization and have experience helping people living with the challenges of mental and physical health. We understand that disability might come in many forms and manifest in different ways.
Some are visible while others can go unnoticed at first sight.  Some disabilities are faced from birth; others are developed during a person’s lifetime. While some can suddenly appear, others can develop gradually over many years. Regardless of the origin or the appearances, coming to term with any illness is not easy. It takes courage and support to adapt and keep moving forward to live life to the fullest. We are here to act as your partners to bridge the current difficulties and play to your strengths in order for you to achieve your goals together.

Person centered approach

There’s no such a thing as one size fits all!
You and your circumstances are unique.
We take the time to understand your goals, needs and all the factors contributing towards your living situation. Our approach is caring, respectful and non judgemental.
And you have nothing to fear, you are always in control of all decisions regarding your home and your possessions.

Partnership & Support

Change is only possible when we stick to our goals and plans to achieve them. For that we need support and guidance. We work together to identify your clutter triggers, understand your barriers and create a plan to acquire skills and maximize your strengths. Depending on your situation, strategic alliances are created to include family, social, community and health support.

Health & Wellness

We understand the challenges of mental and physical health and how clutter affects our well-being.
Our highly trained team specializes in Hoarding Behavior, Chronic Disorganization and ADHD and helping to de-clutter and organize clients living with Depression, Anxiety, brain injury, PTSD, OCD and Schizophrenia. We play to your strengths and bridging difficulties ,always having your well being and safety in mind.


The right support is one that will help you to achieve your goals, respect your individuality and unique circumstances and at the same time, always keeping you in control of your choices.
Hoarding Rescue offers a person-centered approach to service. This simple means that you are the boss. And while we will provide tools and hands on help to assist you in achieving your goals and improve your well-being; you remain in control of your decisions, always. We are here as partners to support you in your journey, but you are the captain that chooses the destination.

Your home environment plays a big role in your quality of life. Living in uncluttered and organized home has a positive impact not only in your comfort, but on your mental and physical well-being, too.
It has been proven that cleaning, organizing and decluttering can boost your mood, improve your relationships, aid getting a restful sleep as well to facilitate your weight loss efforts.
Our focus is to provide you with the tools and practical help for the healthy maintenance of your home so you can remain autonomous and independent.  We understand the complex relationship between people, their possessions and their homes. We know that is never about the stuff or getting rid of things. Getting organized and declutter the house takes time, willingness, support and skill. You will receive expert help with the chores and also training in the skills to do tasks in your own because independently of circumstances, we want you to feel empowered and in control of your home.

When you get us to help you, this is how you can benefit:

  • A decluttered, organized home.
  • A calmer environment that will to ease Stress and Anxiety.
  • An organized, clean kitchen and pantry that will help you eat Better
  • A clear space and more energy for exercising
  • A harmonic house that helps to relax and boost your relationships
  • An organized space where to work and increases productivity
  • A tranquil and safe bedroom that aids sleeps, rest and recovery
  • A home that you are proud to show off, boosting your self-confidence
  • Gaining organizing and problem-solving skills that will empower you to live independently in a safer, more comfortable home.


Interested in Working With Us?
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Our de-cluttering and coaching services are available trough private, self and NDIS referral.
We welcome enquirers from all support coordinators, plan managers as well other health and community allies professionals.